Thursday, July 5 – Various

Wednesday was the 4th of July and I spent the day at the Airbnb where I am staying in San Rafael for the week.  By the way, the locals pronounce the name of their town San ra-FELL, not San raf-A-el as I have been saying.  My Airbnb hostess had a holiday cookout which included her boyfriend, parents, and about 10 of her neighbors and friends.  I made “Fire & Ice” salsa (watermelon + jalapenos as the main ingredients) which seemed to be popular and it was nice to spend a relaxing afternoon visiting with her friends and getting ideas on additional things to do both here and next week when I continue heading north along the coast.

Thursday morning I headed out to several destinations in the area.  Here are some of the things I saw:

I learned what “hatched” means as it pertains to streets and parking lots:



I also learned that the Marin County Jail is located mostly underground (what a neat idea!):


By the way, the county name is pronounced ma-RIN, not MARE-in.

I made a short visit to Mission San Rafael Arcangel, in what is now downtown San Rafael.  It is close to what is now a city street and it is very tall so it was tough to get a good photo of it.  The first one was taken (quickly) while standing in the center of a busy intersection, carefully timed to avoid moving vehicles!



Here is a two-shot panorama – top to bottom:




And these are some of the ferries which shuttle people to and from downtown San Francisco from Sausalito.  The “Mendocino” was just arriving:



I will probably be riding one of these on Monday when I head over to San Francisco to visit the Museum of Modern Art.  I was also hoping to visit Alcatraz while I was in the area but unfortunately tours there are booked through the end of July.  I had no idea it would be such a popular destination.


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