Sausalito Sunday, et al

Sunday, July 8 I started my day by going back in to Sausalito, California which wasn’t very far from where I was staying in San Rafael.  When I left town a few days earlier I discovered a whole area facing San Francisco which I didn’t know existed.  I also wanted to go to a taco shop which had been highly recommended but which wasn’t open the day after the 4th of July.

The taco shop didn’t open until 11 so I killed some time down by the marina.




These were at the taco shop where I had lunch.  They reminded me of a metal car with a surfboard on top that a friend of mine gave me when he learned how much I like to drive.



As I was walking back to my car I passed a very fragrant plant which I found very pleasant.  I asked someone who was walking their dog on that street and they told me it is a Star Jasmine.


I then drove to the part of Sausalito I only saw briefly a few days earlier.





And lo a behold, here was another office for Engel & Volkers, the high-end German based realtors I mentioned in an earlier post.


This office is in the original Sausalito Firehouse:


I did a little window shopping….

How about this nice mansion near Seattle:


(Photo credit:

4 bedrooms, 6.25 baths, 15,127 square feet.  It can be yours for $20 million.  I guess in this bracket making it $ 19,999,995 won’t win anyone over.

Or how about this yacht – the Seven Sins:

SevenSins2 EngelVolker

SevenSins EngelVolkers

(Photo credit:

This 171 foot beauty is on the French Riviera.  If you don’t want the hassle of ownership you may rent it for a mere $332,915 per week (high season) or the bargain price of $315,392 per week (low season).

Or how about the maYbe:


(Photo credit:

You can own this 193 foot yacht and sail it from the French Riviera to the dock of your choice for a cool $40.825 million.


After getting my head out of the clouds I moved on.  I decided to head back out to the coast, taking a slightly different route than I had on Thursday.  Before getting off “The 101” onto Route 1 I saw this tour helicopter getting ready to take off with a group of sightseers:


And parked nearby was this seaplane:


I was tempted to go for a ride but am going to wait until later in the trip when I’m back in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Last year I visited with a couple who operate a seaplane operation there but no other passengers showed up while I was there and the pilot would only go up with two or more passengers.  They were very nice and I think I’ll save my business for them.

I headed back up towards Point Reyes National Seashore.  I wanted to drive the third road there which would take me out to one of the beaches.  Before I got there I stopped at the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, located at the extreme south end of the property.  It was way out towards the end of what became a dirt road.  There wasn’t anyone there but there were directions to a path.  It didn’t look very heavily traveled, and I was a little leery about heading out alone, so I left.  I did manage to get a photo of a bird chirping away at the top of a nearby tree.  I have no idea what kind of bird it is.



As I headed back out to the main road I passed what turns out to be a Coast Guard communications facility.  There were a number of unusual antennas scattered about the property.



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