Lassen Volcanic – Post 2 of 2

Here are more photos I took Wednesday at Lassen Volcanic National Park in northeast California.

This is looking back at Lassen Peak after driving down the hill and around to the other side of Lake Helen.


And this is a closer view at Mount Diller and Pilot Pinnacle.


This huge rock (I should have gotten pictures when there were people out taking photos near it) was at a scenic overlook (out here they call them Vista Points) near an area called “Bumpass Hell.”  That area is now off limits to hikers as the Park Service is making repairs and improvements to the trail leading to it.  Bumpass Hell, named after Kendall Bumpass – the man who discovered it, is a series of mudpots, fumaroles and sulfuric springs similar to what I saw last year at Yellowstone National Park.



This was a hillside further down the road.



This is Brokeoff (not Brokeback!) Mountain, what’s left of the Brokeoff Volcano which erupted approximately 600,000 years ago with a force estimated to be 50 times that of the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980.


And shortly before leaving the Park at the southwest entrance I stopped at the “Sulphur Works,” an area similar to Bumpass Hell but located right next to the road.


This is a mudpot.  It is much more interesting to see in action (I took a short video but can’t post it on the blog).  A mudpot is a bubbling pond of hot, gray water (bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…) and releases a pungent sulphur , rotten egg, odor.


These sulphur formations often leave very colorful side effects.


And this was taken from a vantage point near the southeast shore of Lake Almanor, about 30 miles from the Park as I headed south towards where I am staying in Quincy, CA.


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