Battery Point Light – Redux

Wednesday evening I went back to this historic lighthouse in Crescent City, CA.  I had driven back here in the morning but still couldn’t walk out to it but in the early evening the isthmus was dry enough that I was comfortable I wouldn’t get my feet wet.


And here is the view looking back towards the mainland from the little islet the lighthouse sits atop:


As I was walking back to my car I overheard a woman pointing something out to her young child.  These were in little pools of water left behind by the retreating tide:



When I got home and was telling my Airbnb host about my big day he told me that this lighthouse is now more of a museum than an active lighthouse.  A more modern, automated lightsource has been constructed further out to sea, visible on a clear day but there was still coastal fog so I couldn’t see very far out towards the ocean.


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