Welcome to Oregon!

When I entered Oregon from the south on Friday the first place I stopped was the Oregon State Parks Visitor Center, called Crissey Field (the same name as the airfield at The Presidio in San Francisco).


After visiting with the nice folks who work there, and getting an armful of magazines, books, maps and brochures to study, I headed back towards my car.  I noticed a sign which explained a little bit about the building which I found very interesting.  I’ll just let the sign explain the story behind the construction of this facility.





One thought on “Welcome to Oregon!”

  1. You are definitely in the Pacific Northwest. 🙂 Many sustainable design features are more effective in that climate than in our hot, humid, polleny one, but many of those listed do work here and are currently reducing building energy loads and water usage, and increasing bio habits and biodiversity across NC too!


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