Terra Nova National Park

July 30, 2019

After taking my fabulous scenic drive I continued just a few miles south on the TCH and stopped at Terra Nova (which means Land New.  Newfoundland – get it?).  This isn’t a very big park, only about 150 square miles – a little bit smaller than Zion National Park in Utah.  As I always do, I went first to the Visitor Center to get a map.  It is undergoing complete renovation and was effectively closed (but looks like it will be beautiful when completed) but I did get my map and asked the young lady working there for suggestions as to things I could do while there.  She sent me to two of their overlook areas, at the two highest points in the Park.

This was the view from Blue Hill on the north side of the Park (I had actually driven past the entrance road on my way to the Visitor Center).



Those were both taken looking southeast, towards the late morning sun.  There was something else there which I probably should have mentioned earlier in this trip.  Two red chairs.


This is part of Parks Canada program promoting their National Parks.  They have placed two red Adirondack type chairs (plastic) at prime viewing sites in their parks and encourage visitors to sit and take a few moments to enjoy the view.  What a great idea!!  They also mention that while they’d like you to savor the moment to please not hog the chairs if there are other guests waiting…..

After savoring the moment, as I ALWAYS try to do (after I take my photos I just stand and LOOK at what I’m seeing), I drove back down the hill and went to the Ochre Hill overlook.  This is the highest point in the area and in addition to the steps leading to a large observation deck there is a tall fire tower right next to it.


This view was looking west (note the change in water color).  Looks like a great place for two more red chairs…


There was a sign on the observation deck explaining various things, among them an animal which is unique to Newfoundland – a subspecies of the Marten family called the Newfoundland Pine Marten.  These animals are very shy and are usually found deep in the woods.

Here are some photos of them I found online:


(Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Newfoundland Marten tree

(Photo credit: Brendan Kelly Wildlife Photography)

Newfoundland -Marten

(Photo credit: Kelly Wildlife Photography)

While researching this post I learned that this variation of Marten is the only one with semi-retractable claws.

After viewing the area from Ochre Hill I crossed the TCH to a walking path which would take me around a lake and perhaps offer some wildlife and bird photo ops.  I did walk down to the lake but there were lots of people there (it was becoming a warm day) making noise and it was approaching noon.  I generally don’t have good luck seeing animals mid-day, plus I still had a long drive ahead of me to my next venue, so I passed on the walk and got back on the road.

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