Gander to Sunnyside, NL

July 30, 2019

Tuesday morning I left Gander and headed south on the Trans Canada Highway.  On the agenda for today – one of my primary scenic roads just before getting to another one of Canada’s National Parks, the Park itself, and a surprise destination recommended by the Airbnb hosts I stayed with my first night in Newfoundland.


When I reached the exit for Glovertown I got off the TCH and drove east on Route 310.  This would take me out to some small towns described in my Scenic Roads in the Maritime Provinces book my friends Eric and Shawn gave me, the basic for this trip.

These were taken when I reached a lake near Traytown:



This is the little village of Burnside, where I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who was sitting outside enjoying her morning coffee (and trying to get a signal on her cellphone.  She said the best reception to be found locally is by being out on a boat!).  Burnside is a periodic retreat for her and her kids.



This was heading back towards Eastport.


This is the harbor in the little town of Happy Adventure:



The beach at Sandy Cove (clever name):


And a rock on a rock….  I saw this while walking back to my car from having taken the Sandy Cove beach photo.  I have been seeing more and more of these in my travels, small painted rocks left various places.  Kind of like being on an Easter egg hunt.


This tall wooden lighthouse model was up on a retaining wall in someone’s yard.  I didn’t get up to check but I bet it’s 5 feet tall:


And this was the drive back out to the TCH, over a bridge and long causeway I had crossed earlier.


By the way, I’d be staying in the small town of Sunnyside Tuesday night but Goobies is what I have highlighted on my map.  Sunnyside is a few miles south of Goobies.

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