Final Full Day & Evening on Newfoundland

August 3, 2019

Saturday I drove all the way across Newfoundland from St. John’s in the northeast to Port aux Basques in the southwest, almost 600 miles (although the road curves north quite a bit before turning back south so it isn’t a straight shot) which took about 9 1/2 hours (just driving time, without stops) on the Trans Canada Highway.  Of course I did make a few stops but tried to make them quickies.  I wanted to stop and visit a bit with the people I stayed with my first night on the island before going to my Airbnb for the night, this one located even closer to the ferry.


The photo below was as I was driving over a long bridge.  To my left was this structure with both a seaplane AND a helicopter!  I presume they offer rides and tours of the area (or are very well-to-do Newfoundlanders).


Further down the shore was this hangar for another seaplane (you can barely see a wing inside the hangar).


The next shot is from a scenic look off which I had stopped at on my way east a few days earlier.  That photo had been taken in the morning, looking towards the sun.  The sun was now higher in the sky resulting in a much better photo.


While I was in that overlook parking area I walked over to speak with the couple who were experiencing a delay in their travel plans.  A few miles back they had driven over a short bridge on the TCH, before and/or after which there is often a very rough bump (sometimes VERY rough).  Evidently it was enough to completely shear off the wheel studs on the back wheel of their big camper.  Help had already been summoned and before I left a young man arrived who thought he might actually be able to fix in on-site.  They were a  very nice older couple who live in Newfoundland, so at least they weren’t trying to catch a ferry – AND they had a place to stay!


I stopped in Corner Brook to wash my car (Newfoundland wants to keep their dirt here  – seriously! – though I somehow doubt that the car wash I went to will separate the “wheat from the chaff” as it were and return the dirt to it’s rightful place…) and made it to St. Andrews with plenty of daylight remaining.  They even invited me to stay and join them for dinner!

They knew exactly where I was going to be staying that night and recommended that I drive all the east on that road until it ends at Rose Blanche, where I would find a lighthouse.  They also said it is a great road for photo ops, which another friend had also told me.  They were right!  I didn’t take many photos as it was shaded and starting to get dark, but I will return there on my next trip (probably early next year) and spend a whole day just going up and down that road.  There will be excellent morning and evening opportunities.  The landscape is amazing.


Here is the lighthouse at Rose Blanche:




Those were taken literally just 2 or 3 minutes before the sun was going to set.  I was going to come back early the next morning before checking in for the ferry but rain moved in overnight so I didn’t drive all the way back out.  I barely made it back to my Airbnb before it got dark.



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