Final Morning on Newfoundland

August 4, 2019

Saturday night I stayed in the little town of Margaree, a short distance east of the ferry terminal at Port aux Basques.  When I finally arrived there, later than I had planned because I had been out to the lighthouse beyond Margaree, my hostess suggested that I also check out the town itself in the morning.  Her house was the second one on the road in to town and there was lots more there to see beyond that.

I was in the kitchen the next morning visiting with another Airbnb guest (she was traveling on a motorcycle and would also be on the same ferry as me) and we watched as our ferry arrived.  It had left North Sydney, Nova Scotia around midnight and was arriving just as it was getting light out.

It had rained overnight but had stopped for a short while.  It resumed raining lightly as I was taking my stuff to the car so these shots were mostly taken with the car parked on the left side of the road and the drivers side window down.


If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see someone coming in towards the town’s harbor in a small boat (he or she had just turned to their right).  The harbor is outside the frame of the photo to the left.



The next 3 shots were taken in the span of about two minutes, the second and third each about 100 yards further up the road that the previous one and with a similar but different view as the first.  You can see a lighthouse-like structure way off in the distance.




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