Hate that I missed it….

August 6, 2019

For those of you not familiar with southeastern US lingo, a phrase like that is fairly commonplace in North Carolina where I now live. In this context, “Hate” is merely a substitute for “Sorry”. One of my favorite stories is about an experience I had in New York City where I was enjoying a yummy bowl of French onion soup in a French restaurant and the young couple at the table next to me was having a rather animated discussion about something. At one point the young lady, clearly agitated and while trying to make a point, said something to the effect that she hated people who block intersections (or whatever) and after a brief pause her boyfriend/husband/companion calmly responded “It’s not nice to hate”.

Words to live by…..

Well, I just discovered that three days ago was National Mustard Day (probably in the US – we love to have screwy days celebrating everything imaginable).


(Photo credit + copyright: French’s Company and French’s brand)

The article where I found this photo online said that the ice cream is surprisingly good…

They probably stock this in the freezer of the new Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Airbnb located near Chicago (as well as French’s mustard in the fridge).

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