The wrath of JohnBoy

August 11, 2019

I stewed about this for about a half hour this afternoon and want to get it out of my system. I went to a popular tourist spot along my route today and as was taking a photo of my target from the parking lot I heard a vehicle next to me start up. I looked over and when I saw what it was I took a photo. The driver saw me take it and as I was preparing to zoom in a little he waved me off, politely (in the Canadian Way), with his hand and arm movement. Yes, he is pointing a finger in the photo but it is his index finger, not his middle finger. I nodded to acknowledge no more photos and walked away.

After I thought about for a few minutes I decided – screw you, pal (in the American Way). It’s just a frickin’ car. Get over it.


You don’t want me to take photos of your kids or post them on my blog if I already did take them – I get that and I will absolutely honor your request. You drive your goofy little car to a popular tourist destination on Sunday afternoon and don’t expect everyone there with cameras to take your picture – no way Jose. If you don’t want someone to take a picture of your goofy little car take it out at night or keep it in your garage.

Are you on the run from the authorities or cheating on your wife and don’t want your picture taken? In witness protection, perhaps? Then don’t drive around in such a conspicuous vehicle.

I think we should do the old chain-letter number on this dude. Everyone right-click on the photo and save it to your computer. Then send it to, oh, say a hundred of your friends – and ask them to send it to a hundred of their friends….


There, now I feel much better.

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