GPS 4.0

August 13, 2019

After the unfortunate events in North Sydney a little over a week ago I went out and bought yet another GPS unit for my car while I was out on Prince Edward Island. Because of where I go I can’t always use GoogleMaps on my smartphone (either no service at all or not a strong enough signal to drive the app). I like having a unit in the car to help give me accurate ETA estimates and, obviously, guidance to my Airbnb’s, restaurants and grocery stores while I am on the road or when in unfamiliar areas.


This time I bought a Garmin.

Here is a quick summary of my troubled past with GPS units:

GPS 1.0 – A Magellan. A gift from one of my brothers. Loved it but couldn’t update maps for free. Stuck with it for a long time but new streets and destinations made it less and less effective. Status – Obsolete. When I thought about replacing 2.0 before buying 3.0 I actually considered paying the money for a map update but when I looked on the website they didn’t even have map updates available for it any more. It wouldn’t have worked in Canada anyway….

GPS 2.0 – A TomTom. Never really warmed up to it. Maps wouldn’t update, despite two attempts and several calls to TomTom. Used it a long time but finally bought a new one to replace it. Not Canada capable. Status – In the trunk of my car as a backup (for the US only).

GPS 3.0 – Another Magellan. Since I liked the first one so much I thought I’d go back to that brand. Apples and Oranges. It’s not nice to hate, but I hated it. We had many knock-down, drag-out arguments and, at times, didn’t speak to each other for days – and on long days in the car she is the only person I have to talk to.  Despite constant threats I never did throw it (or any of the others) out the window.  Honest.  That would be littering.  Towards the end she didn’t have the correct time (off by like 47 minutes) or even know what frickin’ time zone I was in, neither of which I could correct via Settings.   No surprise that there’s no setting for time zone – IT’S A FRICKIN’ GPS UNIT – it’s supposed to know precisely where I am!!!  Of the three, the only one Canada capable.  Status – MIA, but I hope she irritates the person who has her now as much as she irritated me all these years.  Good riddance!

So far GPS 4.0 is getting great marks. I very much like the way she handles herself and I haven’t even read the manual yet so I should be able to tweak it and make it even better. Highest volume setting isn’t very loud (I don’t hear well) and the destination entry seems to be a little confounded but I may be able to tweak it.  Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

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    1. I was hoping to find it but made a thorough search. I think the guy parked next to me when the car started smoking in North Sydney swiped it while I was distracted trying to call CAA. No big deal, I didn’t like it anyway.

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