Miscou Point Lighthouse, et al

August 11, 2019

Sunday I drove all the way out to the end of Miscou Island, the furthest point northeast one may drive in New Brunswick, and there I found the above referenced lighthouse:


It was sooooo windy (this was the very, very windy day) that they actually have to tie down their lighthouse!!




This was also where I found another little painted rock:



I guess I should find out what this is all about.  Maybe it’s leading me to treasure!

I’ve always assumed that these were all hand-painted but this one may be decals.  I didn’t think so at the time, but looking at the photos I took I think they are.  I will scrutinize future ones more carefully.

This was also the place where I was confronted by the mime who shooed me away from his goofy little car.  Somehow I doubt that he was the one who left the purple rock.

As I was driving south from the lighthouse to get back to Lameque, where I took the osprey photos, I saw a house of a different kind.  This homeowner was constructing a rather large teepee (perhaps a future Airbnb venue??).



This is who is doing the work (if you want to get a quote).  Tell them JohnBoy sent you and they’ll say “Who?”.


And I also saw this authentic teepee on the site of what will be a new indigenous people cultural center:





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