Campbellton, NB to Saint-Siméon , QC

August 12, 2019

After crossing the bridge from Campbellton, NB to Québec province on Monday I started driving east along Route 132.  People had told me this would be a spectacular drive and I was not disappointed.  This is what makes traversing my scenic roads attractive and rewarding.  In this case, driving by water, be it a lake, river or ocean on a sunny day with the sun at your back is just magnificent.


Here are some of the things I saw along the way:

This is the Church of Saint Jean l’Évangéliste near Nouvelle, QC.


Given that it was in the shade, here is a better photo I found online:

photo_nouvelle origins dot ca

(Photo credit:

Further down the road I saw this church high up on a hill very close to the road.  As I looked up towards it as I drove past the sun reflected off the silver steeple.  I took a photo from the base to try and show what I saw, then crossed the road to get the other photos.  This is Saint-Omer Catholic Church in Saint-Omer, QC.







I continued east on Route 132 and found this church in Saint-Siméon.  It is the Catholic Church of Saint-Siméon de Bonaventure.


Across the road and facing the Bay of Chaleurs (separating the Gaspé Peninsula from New Brunswick) were some little public balconies along a wooden boardwalk.  They had flowerboxes and I thought it would make a great picture looking out over the water.


I tried to move the blue & black recycling/trash bin out of the shot but it was literally nailed down (it gets quite windy out by the water) so I had to squat down and improvise:


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