From Pokémon to Pokeshaw Rock

August 11, 2019

Funny how things work out…  As I was preparing photos for the first post about things I saw in Québec province I found another group of photos from the town of Pokeshaw, NB, just west of Grand-Anse where I found the huge church with the bright red roof as I was driving towards the bridge to Québec province.

This is a huge rock out in the Gulf of St. Lawrence which is popular with bird lovers for obvious reasons.  There was an observation area which wanted a day use fee but I could park up by the road and, with my zoom lens, look for free.  I like free.






Those photos were taken while looking northwest.  As I was walking back to the car I noticed this photo op looking northeast:


I then continued on my way to Campbellton.  This was the view as the highway descended in to town.  This is part of my “go play in the road” collection, taken while I was standing on the yellow line (Shawn).



3 thoughts on “From Pokémon to Pokeshaw Rock”

    1. Seems like I’m always in a spot of trouble with my friend Shawn. She doesn’t like it when I take photos through the windshield while driving, either… Sheesh! While quite a bit younger than me, she has become somewhat of a Mother Hen to me. I just hope she isn’t “packin'” any Ivory soap or I’m in BIG trouble.


    2. And besides, those cars are, uh, farther away than they look. Yeah….. that’s the ticket…… a photographic illusion. I really do appreciate her concern. Don’t tell her but I’m already thinking of what I can do next to get a rise out of her.


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