August 13, 2019

Here are some other things I saw Tuesday morning while in Cap-des-Rosiers on the Gaspé Peninsula of Québec province..  As I drove in to town from the west:


As I walked back from the lighthouse to get some photos of the “welcome to town” sign which was on the east side of town I went past a home which had wooden models of three lighthouses out front.  This was the nicest one:


It was maybe 3 feet tall.  There were also some nice birdhouses:



While I was stopped in this small town to take photos of the lighthouse and was parked safely off the road in it’s parking area I noticed that I was atop a tall cliff overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  I took these photos of some birds:

Three flying away from me, first totally out of rhythm:


And then in perfect sync:


And I stood and watched as this bird, or waterfowl if you prefer but still a bird, floated on the water, frequently diving for fish.


I didn’t know it at the time but I had found a lone Common Eider, the largest duck in the northern hemisphere.  Now THIS was a duck!



As I said, it was a beautiful morning and this was a peaceful spot so I put the cameras away and just stood and soaked in the view for quite a while.

I was now at the far end of my clockwise loop around Forillon National Park and the road would next be taking me south, then west back to Gaspé.

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