Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse

August 13, 2019

I continued my clockwise lap around the perimeter or Forillon National Park and saw this lighthouse in the distance.  I knew immediately it would be a keeper.





At a tad over 111 feet, this is the tallest lighthouse in Canada.

The lighthouse was putting out an incredibly bright white light which lasted a considerable length of time, not just the quick “flash” that most do.  The lens must rotate very slowly.  I waited and waited hoping to get a photo of it but ultimately came to the conclusion that I was now too close to it to see that light from the ground.

I left my car in their parking lot to walk back and get these photos, plus wait for the light and had to make an extra trip back to my car to put new batteries in the digital camera.

Here are shots I got from the parking lot area, first of the sign at the lighthouse itself:


Note that the biggest icon on the sign is the $, indicating that there is an admission fee.

It didn’t open until 9 and I was there a little after 8 and had already used up a good bit of time so I took these remaining shots (from outside the fence) and went on my way.  I still had lots of places to see.




UPDATE – A few minutes after I posted this originally I learned that this is an “Occulting” lighthouse, meaning that the duration of light bursts exceeds the periods of darkness between bursts.  Most lighthouses are long dark, short light but this one is the exact opposite.

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