If it looks like a duck….

August 13, 2019

My first full day in the Gaspé area I decided to first make a lap around Forillon National Park before exploring the Park itself.


First let me clarify a couple of things.  I highlighted Gaspé in pink because when I made my initial reservations on Airbnb back in early May, that’s where I thought I’d be staying.  Well that host cancelled my reservation a few weeks later (he was a newbie to Airbnb and I may well have been his first reservation, if not first actual guest.  Apparently his first actual guest must have made the host have second thoughts about having strangers in his house and he cancelled all 4 remaining stays, mine being the last, so he could make “modifications” to his home).  So now I was staying in the little town of Petite-Rivière-au-Renard, about 18 miles and a half hour north of Gaspé proper.

I had taken Route 197 as a shortcut to get to my Airbnb when I arrived.  I had stopped briefly in town to go in a Tim Hortons to use their wifi and their washroom (I do that a lot).  Gaspé is a very attractive town with lots of trendy restaurants and a big entertainment venue.  I had initially thought about backtracking in to town for dinner but found a nice place right up the road from where I was staying, both of which had views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, so I had stayed up on the coast.

As I mentioned, the next morning I decided to make a lap around Forillon National Park, shown in dark green on the map above, before exploring the Park itself.  I had been driving on Route 132 most of the day on Monday since arriving on the Gaspé Peninsula and, as the map indicates, it actually goes all the way around the Park out near the water.

Now – about that duck… and you need to work with me a little on this…  As I was driving east on Route 132 to start my clockwise lap (and with the Gulf on my left) I was traveling down the road at the posted speed limit of 31 mph (50 km).  It was early morning (my first photo of this sequence was taken at 748am) and there was virtually no traffic on the two lane road through a mostly residential area.

I was scanning the area quickly left to right taking in the scenery as I drove.  At one point, when I looked out over an open area where I could see the water in the distance, my mind captured the scene and a second later informed me “that was a large duck out in the water”.


I turned around and went back, parked in a safe spot, donned my Safety Sam vest and my cameras and we were off to the races…..  Upon closer inspection my initial thought was obviously proven wrong.


Not a real duck but a rock, but it kinda sortof looks like a duck.


Use your imagination.


OK, fine.  It’s a seal on a rock.

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