August 13, 2019

Monday as I made a lap around Forillon National Park, near the town of Gaspé, I discovered this mysterious statue out along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence:


Made of wood but enhanced with metal shrouding and rope, it was in the town of L’Anse-au-Griffon but had nothing indicating who it was or what it represents other than an equally mysterious plaque at the base, crediting the artist:


I Googled it but am coming up blank.

It is a handsome statue, well crafted and with amazing detail.


Dude, you may want to get that spot under your left eye looked at.  Seems that you’ve got something serious going on there….

And while I was trying to find out exactly what this represents I found this amazing photo online.  The statue with a spectacular aurora borealis in the background.

Aurora Borealis lanse au griffon

(Photo credit + copyright: Christian Fortin)

Let’s hope it wasn’t photoshopped….

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