Evans Fire – Update – Sunday evening

Earlier this afternoon I posted a picture while parked by the side of the road.  When I left Sparks, Nevada about 9 o’clock this morning I was driving north to head towards a big lake northeast of town.  I saw something I wanted to stop and take a picture of and when I turned around to go back I noticed smoke rising from a mountainous area southwest of Reno.  Here is the picture I posted, plus one from the same time taken with the digital camera:



I took those photos at 943 this morning.  According to the local news, that fire started around 8 o’clock this morning and has been named the Evans Fire (it is in or near Evans Canyon).  Here are some more shots taken with the digital camera about 10 minutes later.  My guess is that this fire was at least 40 miles away as the crow flies, but then I’m not that familiar with the area.  It is probably more than that, and I don’t think it is all that close to Reno.




I went and did some other things throughout the day but when I headed home I was in town just off Interstate 80 next to the Nugget Casino and took this photo at 425pm local time.


It looked much better to me, but the InciWeb website I use to monitor wildfire status said that as of about an hour before I took that last photo it was at 60 acres and was only 5% contained.

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