Fallon, Nevada

After I drove scenic road #1 for the day (northeast of Sparks, near Pyramid Lake) I dropped down south of Interstate 80 and tackled scenic road #2, Nevada Route 50, or at least a small part of it.  A friend of mine had told me about this road but I never knew exactly where it was.  Turns out that Highway 50 crosses the United States from West Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland.  The portion which runs through central Nevada is called the “Loneliest Road in America”.

LoneliestRoad Newsweek

(Photo credit: Newsweek.com)

Highway50-LoneliestRoad doityourselfrv

(Photo credit: doityourselfrv.vom)

I drove a small part of the road as far as Fallon, NV and decided that was enough.  I love to drive but I really didn’t want to drive over 300 miles across central Nevada for 5 1/2 hours and then turn around and do it again.  Plus I was anxious to get home and post today’s photos, and update the status on the wildfire I spotted this morning.

Fallon itself is a cute little town.  Here are some shots taken on their Maine Street (yes, the ‘e’ is included at no additional cost to you!):




This sign painted on the side of a building caught my eye:


Note that the painter took some editorial liberty and changed the ‘r’ in YOUR to lower case…

I looked at some photos online and found this one as well:

SelzShoes icollector

(Photo credit: icollector.com)

A little ways east of Fallon I found this place:


A friend suggested I run some hot laps with my Altima but this is a dirt track and I just had my car washed this morning, otherwise…..


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