Nixon, Nevada (and south)

After reaching the northernmost part of the scenic road I was on east of Pyramid Lake I turned around and headed south towards Interstate 80.  This route would take be back through the little town of Nixon (a friend of mine is a huge fan of Richard Nixon so I dedicate this post to him).  Usually towns have a sign showing their name, population and elevation but Nixon didn’t have any coming in from any direction.  The population appears to be plenty big enough – I’ve seen towns with a population as low as 9 which rated a sign…




A local (tribal) police officer stopped while I was pulled off the side of the road to text these to my friend and I assured him everything was alright and that I was just a simple tourist who didn’t want to engage in distracted driving.

While in town I also spotted these vehicles inside a fence – and I hope they can stay there!


I drove further south on Route 447 and saw these things:



This is a 3-shot panorama – left to right:




And Nevada has the neatest “Historic Marker” signs I have ever seen:



When I got to the dreaded interstate I was delighted to find a Pilot truck stop (for which I have a loyalty card) and I was able to gas up for 2.909, well below the 3.25+ I was expecting to pay in Sparks.

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