Not A Bank

Tuesday as I drove north up Route 1 from Point Reyes, CA I went through the little town of Tomales.  This is a classic “blink and you’ll miss it”  American town.

This is the William Tell House, where a sign on the front door advises would-be patrons that it is closed indefinitely, sorry for the inconvenience.  That is a restaurant fixtures truck parked next to my car so evidently they are making some upgrades.


Next to that building is one mysteriously labeled “Not A Bank”:


And if you don’t want to pull a muscle in your neck looking up, the door makes it very clear:


Perhaps they got tired of getting robbed?  At first I thought someone cleverly deleted letters from First National Bank of Tomales but laying in bed this morning it occurred to be that that sequence of letters wouldn’t make sense.  Oh well, keep me in suspense.

Next door is the Continental Inn, which seems to be doing quite well.


And across the street is the General Store and the Post Office:


There were a few small shops on the other side of Route 1 but the morning sun was behind them, making pictures difficult.

Route 1 curved inland for a short while after Tomales and then the coast started to get interesting (see Morning/Early Afternoon/Late Afternoon posts which follow).

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