Thursday – Various places

I took a shorter route to get out to the coast Thursday morning, not knowing what the conditions would be like when I got there.  I updated the post I made yesterday regarding the “Thank You” sign to include a photo of the area which recently burned which is only two and a half miles from the thankful woman’s house.

I also drove through the same grove of redwood trees, but stopped to take a photo of the road through them.  This is actually Navarro River Redwoods State Park, a few miles southeast of Mendocino:


When I got to the bridge where the road I was on ended and merged with Route 1 the scene was much better than it was the day before.  Yesterday the area beyond the white vehicles on the right was totally obscured by fog:


And this was what the ocean looked like not far beyond that point:



The visibility was much better, though there were high clouds which obscured the sun.  There was only a slight breeze and the temperature was right around 60 degrees, as it had been on Wednesday.  Inland, before I got to the redwood groves, it was inching up towards 90.

Not far north on Route 1 I came to the little town of Albion.  I crossed a long bridge from which I took these photos.  Looking out towards the ocean:


And looking inland, down at a campground and fishing village:


As I was looking out towards the ocean I noticed a small blue fishing boat I had seen out on the open sea earlier.  It was coming in to unload it’s catch of the morning.  It the first photo it is a little left of the center of the picture.



I stopped further north on Route 1 in Mendocino (see next post) and as I was leaving town on a different street than I had come in on I found this little Bed & Breakfast Inn, perched next to the ocean:



Here is the view their guests can enjoy by taking just a short walk across the road:




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