Racecar Topiary

The other day I posted a some pictures of topiaries I saw near Manchester, California.  Mary, a fellow Airbnb guest I met when I stayed in Pahrump, Nevada earlier in this trip, posted a comment asking if I knew what kind of trees they were (I do not).  I never made it back down to Manchester to ask the property owner but Googled it to see if I could find the answer.  While I found other photos, none of the websites where they had been posted mentioned the types of trees, only their location.

While looking at the Google Image results I did find this photo which I thought was really cool.  As many of you know I am a big NASCAR car racing fan.  Well, Formula 1 is a worldwide car racing circuit and one of the major teams, Williams, has this topiary of a Formula 1 car and it’s pit crew outside their team headquarters in England:

F1 Topiary pinterest

(Photo credit: Pinterest.co.uk)


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