Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Friday I ended my trip on part of the godforsaken road to The Lost Coast by traversing 6 1/2 miles of recently paved roadway through this State Park.  It was a welcome relief after being on the “Motorific Torture Track” (a toy car set I had when I was a kid) for over two hours.  When they repaved the road through the Park last year they laid it over the existing road which snakes through the trees in a series of lazy curves.  In places the pavement runs right up against the base of the trees.

Some of the pavement in the next photo is obscured by the brown wood chips and dead pine needles.


The next two photos try to illustrate how the road bends around the trees.  In the first, you can barely see my car parked in the distance.


In the this photo I stepped out a short ways into the roadway so you can see how the road bends back to the right just beyond the tree:


If you aren’t very careful, and as you move right in your lane as you meet oncoming traffic, it is actually possible to hit a tree without any of your tires leaving the pavement.

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