Ferndale (Buildings), et al

Ferndale (population 1,371) is a little town about 20 miles south of Eureka, California which is best known for it’s large number of Victorian homes and buildings.  I drove down to Ferndale Sunday morning of the weekend I was staying in Arcata.  Here are some of the things I saw:










While I was walking around Ferndale I noticed this variation of an artichoke (a globe artichoke), which has a huge purple flower on top.


I also noticed, about 3 blocks back from Main Street, what I thought were going to be terraced gardens going up a hillside.  Turns out it is a cemetery.


I then took a few steps right across the road to include the sign…


I guess they just couldn’t bring themselves to say “Dead End”


5 thoughts on “Ferndale (Buildings), et al”

  1. Meeting you in Ferndale was such fun, you provided us with many laughs with your child proofing comment. We also enjoyed the many photo opportunities this town gave us. We spent a bit of time exploring the cemetery, but somehow missed the “not a through street” sign. Hilarious. My sister talked with a clergyman and he told us that the reason the cemetery was on the hill, was that that area was unsuitable to build on, so the deceased got the leftovers. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get past Honey Dew and to the pool table blacktop. What a beautiful drive. I’m enjoying your blog and have added it to Feedly, my blog reader.


    1. Hi, Rose. I am so happy you checked the blog and hope you continue to enjoy it going forward! Another lighthouse you should try to get to is Point Reyes, out in the National Seashore of the same name.


      1. We returned home to Minnesota yesterday. We saw the signs pointing to Point Reyes and were tempted, but we had to press on to make our reservation in Stinson Beach. Point Reyes looks like a beautiful spot. We had a wonderful vacation, what a beautiful part of our country! I’ll be checking on your travels, living vicariously through you.


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