Travel Day – More posts this afternoon



Monday I cross the border from Oregon and head back to Redding, CA to begin what will be my last four nights in California on this trip.  I will be taking different series of scenic roads than I took getting up here, the first one going past a series of small wildfires which are also creating smoke which affected the areas south and east of here so I doubt I’ll be doing much “sightseeing” along the way.  When I get to Redding it is forecast to be 106 degrees (better than Merrill, but still…) so after I get my tires rotated and oil changed (it’s that time again) I will probably head for my Airbnb and post Saturday’s photos from the Lava Beds and more wildlife photos I took yesterday at Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge.

Tuesday I head up to extreme northwest California, Crescent City, to visit that part of the coast and Redwoods National Park.  Friday I cross back into Oregon to spend almost two full weeks working my way up the coast, staying in six different little towns along the way before spending a few days in Portland, OR and then moving on to Washington State.


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