Safely Back at the Coast

It took a while, because of the detour I had to take around the Carr Fire, but I finally made it back to the coast around noon Monday.  The first place I stopped was at a Vista Point (scenic overlook) near the Arcata airport, north of the town of Arcata.



I stayed at the Vista Point for about an hour – watching and listening to the ocean, enjoying the pleasant 57 degree temperature (which was welcome relief after having spent 3 of the last 8 days in Redding, CA with temps over 100), and watching the seals.  If you look closely at the first photo in this post you’ll see the seals down near the water.




They were mostly just napping, but every now and then one would shuffle in to the water and splash around a bit:


2 thoughts on “Safely Back at the Coast”

    1. Thanks. It was foggy and the digital camera doesn’t do very well without full sun. I may get a chance to get better ones. They were fun to watch, even if mostly inactive.


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