Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Thank you to an alert viewer who noticed that I incorrectly named this Park Jedediah Scott in the original post, not Jedediah Smith.  I stand corrected!

Thursday morning I revisited this Park, which I had driven through the day before.  I posted one of these in another post but want to show them again.  When I first entered the Park on the rough, dusty dirt road the accumulation of gray dust kicked by by other vehicles on the ferns near the road made for an interesting sight:



Further in the Park I decided to stop and get out of the car in a few places to take some pictures:




The guy’s wife was standing behind the tree trunk on the right taking his picture and as I was going back to get my car out of their way I discovered that their two daughters were actually up in the tree trunk on the left, which had a huge hollow area in it (like a gigantic wooden straw).

As is often the case, the pictures don’t do it justice.  There were times I felt like, but for the road, I was in a Lord of the Rings movie and Frodo and Sam would come marching out of the woods at any moment.





Once I got back out to the paved road I went over a bridge.  I had stopped both yesterday and today to get a picture of the river (which didn’t meet my expectations either day) but today I noticed some folks down enjoying a day by the water.


The ladies are on the right, catching some rays while the guys are on the left, “runnin’ the dogs.”


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