Point St. George Lighthouse

Thursday afternoon, after driving through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park again, I thought I’d check out this lighthouse which is just north of Crescent City:


Trust me, it’s out there folks.  This lighthouse was built 6 miles out in the ocean (and right now I doubt if I can see a half mile).

Here is the view looking south:


And looking north:


And it was the craziest thing…. as I stood there looking out at the rock formation I could barely see ahead of me (first photo) I thought I could hear music!  I listened for a while and thought maybe someone was out there in a boat with a boombox cranked up, but after a few minutes I think I figured it out.

It was “seal music”.

Now I’m not talking about Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, born February 19, 1963.  I’m talking about what had to have been a huge group of seals barking.  I asked a young lady who was parking in a car nearby and she confirmed it.  And when I got home I was telling my Airbnb hostess and she said that if the conditions are right they can sometimes hear them when they are out in their yard (they live about a mile inland), and they can also hear the waves crashing if the surf if really powerful.

I drove further out to the point itself and walked a little ways north to watch and listen to just the ocean for a while:





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