Brookings, Oregon

Friday I drove up “The 101” and entered the state of Oregon.  I’ll be traveling up the entire 343 mile length of the Oregon coast over the next two weeks.  The first big city I came to, shortly after crossing the state line, was Brookings.

I ate lunch at a restaurant down near the harbor, then drove back up to a long bridge which took me over the Chetco River so I could continue my trek north.

I saw this old Coast Guard ship down by the harbor:


And I saw these two puppies at the restaurant where I had lunch:


When I got back up to the roadway this was the view looking inland from the bridge:


And this was the view looking towards the ocean, down at the harbor below:


These are some flowers I saw at the Botanical Garden where I parked my car while I took the pictures from the bridge.  This is a “Harlequin” Marigold:


When I was in Death Valley National Park I posted a photo of a Desert Holly.  Since I’m near the ocean it is appropriate that I post a photo of a Sea Holly:


There was no sign but I believe this is another Bottlebrush plant, like the ones I saw down in California:


And this is where “Hot Tamales,” the delicious red-hot candy comes from:


Actually it’s a Nine-pin Heath, which comes from South Africa.

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