Gander, Newfoundland

July 29, 2019

I spent Monday night in the town of Gander, located in northeastern Newfoundland.  When I arrived in town this was on top of the Welcome sign:


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a helicopter enthusiast.  I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid and for several years, before getting the Airbnb bug, I was learning to fly radio-controlled helicopters.

Exactly two minutes after I took that photo a large, yellow helicopter flew over:


Literally, the time stamp on the first photo is 17:18:45 and second is, you guessed it, 17:20:45.

When I got to my Airbnb I asked my hostess, who lives about a mile from where I took those photos, if there is a reason for the helicopters.  Sure enough, there is a Canadian Search and Rescue squad based next to the Gander International Airport.



This was the helicopter I saw flying.  I took this photo the next morning as I was leaving town to head south to my next stop.


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