Signal Hill in St. John’s, NL

August 1, 2019


Thursday morning I drove in to St. John’s, only about 8 miles from where I was staying in Torbay. After walking around town to get acquainted with the many restaurants and shops, and looking at some of the large boats in the harbor (including the blue one which was just arriving), I drove up to a large park called Signal Hill, high above the city. The structure at the top of the hill is Cabot Tower and is visible for miles away from town.





As you would imagine, the view from atop the hill is spectacular.

This is looking down towards the downtown area and harbor:



This is looking northwest, towards the airport and the town of Torbay where I was staying:


I didn’t get a map of the park itself so I don’t know what all the various structures in the park are but you could see the lighthouse, way down close to the water:



And a walking path which goes down to a huge rocky area, also close to the water:


I didn’t go down to either one because I’d then have to come back UP.

Looking down towards the museum and Visitor Center (and the road I had driven up on) is an area where people were sitting on bleachers watching reenactments of various things. The people in period costumes (uniforms) would periodically fire off the big cannon or shoot their weapons (blanks, I’m sure).


There was also an area where you could see cannons aligned to protect the harbor from intruders.


And this was the “Powder Room,” I mean “Powder House,” where gunpowder was stored away from the main building:


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