Look what I caught Dave doing…

August 9, 2019

Friday, as I was driving north on busy Route 11 in extreme eastern New Brunswick province as I traveled between the Confederation Bridge exiting PEI and my next Airbnb stop in Miramichi, NB this is what I saw heading south along the shoulder of the two-lane highway:


I turned the car around, drove out ahead of this guy and turned around again, parking just off the northbound side of the highway (so he wouldn’t have to navigate around my car).  I threw on my Safety Sam vest, grabbed the smartphone and waited for him to go past me on the other side of the highway.  Unfortunately traffic was approaching from both directions but as I took the shot I yelled “I’m putting you on my blog!”.   Well damned if he didn’t slow down, cross over to my side and come back towards me, taking out his earbuds in the process.

Meet Dave, a VERY personable young man from Newfoundland.  Dave is riding his large unicycle across Canada!  We talked for about 10 or 15 minutes and he was fascinating.


He also asked me to photograph his backpack which has his “handle,” #unicycledave.


I believe he said he posts on Facebook and Instagram but I haven’t had a chance to check out either one yet.  He was wearing a camera (don’t know if it is streaming or time lapse still shots).  I shared my blog information with him and hope we may be able to talk again sometime at greater length.

He said he averages around 100 km (60 miles) per day and is heading back towards Newfoundland after having been up north of the Great Lakes (he actually started much further west according to his website).  He suggested that I budget lots of time north of Lake Superior when I get over to that part if Canada as he says it is amazing.

What incredible luck to have encountered him, and that he actually stopped to chat!

UPDATE:  I saw Dave again on Saturday!  I had driven back down south on Route 11 as far as Shediac and then went east out to the coast to actually drive the scenic road I had planned to do Friday before having tire problems.  About the time I got to Boutouche, this time of the Acadian Shore Drive, there he was.  It had just rained and he had a blue parka-type coat on over top his riding outfit.  His goal today Saturday was to make it all the way down to Hopewell Rocks to watch the tide go in and out.

I asked about the camera and he said he mainly shoots video but sometimes, if on a tedious, repetitive stretch of road he will do time lapse still shots to save storage.

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