Prince Edward Island – Day One

August 8, 2019

This post contains photos taken on Thursday while on PEI which have not appeared in other posts.  These are pretty much in order and cover a variety of places and topics.

PEI is a long island which kind of slants from northwest to southeast but to make direction references more succinct I will use north/south/east/west.  There are three main sections, west, central and east.  I believe I read that the island is about 175 miles long but I will verify that and may change the number after I post this. CONFIRMED


I had scenic roads plotted all over the island (my primary roads, from the book I am using as a guide, are always highlighted in orange) but since my visit was cut short from four days to effectively one I had to prioritize my to-do list and try to maximize my time there.  I was staying in the southeastern coast of the central section (highlighted in pink).  The roads I decided to focus on were in the western section.  I did not go to the eastern section at all.

I started out fairly early Thursday and drove back towards the Confederation Bridge.  The weather was not conducive to me getting good photos there so I moved on to Summerside, the second largest city on the island which is located at the point where the central section meets the western section.  I spent some time and took some photos there but am not happy with how they turned out.  I then drove along my first scenic road, Route 11, on the southern coast of the western section of the island.  This is where I happened upon the Acadian village where the big celebration is taking place (see separate post).

When I reached the northern end of Route 11 I decided to cross the island to the north coast and go back east on scenic Route 12.  I was planning to have lunch at a restaurant in the central section so that is why I changed direction.

This boat was along one of the small roads I was using to go from south to north.  It is a large fishing boat in someone’s yard.


This is an elementary school playground in little Ellerslie, PE.  Evidently their schools colors are maroon and white, eh?


Just a few hundred feet from that playground I was quite surprised to see this sign on a large metal building.  Ellerslie has a population of less than 500 people and is a good distance from the two largest cities on the island, Charlottetown and Summerside.  While Escape Rooms are all the rage right now I find it hard to believe this was a good location location location….


This is another beautiful church I found in my travels on the north coast.  It is Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.  It was out in the boonies so I don’t know exactly what town it is in.  I had seen another, almost identical building but white with red stripes on the steeple, which I drove past every day I was on the island as I left home and drove west but when I got close to it I saw that it badly needed a paint job and had fallen somewhat into disrepair.  This one, however, looked very nice.


As I was getting into position to take the church picture I saw this large prop plane taking off from an airfield facing the opposite side of the road.  I was using my digital camera and took quite a few shots with the zoom lens as the plane banked and turned to it’s right.  When I was done with the sequence I realized a woman had stopped her car in the road as she didn’t want to interfere with my shots.  Canadians are so considerate!  I waved to thank her but wish I could have spoken with her briefly as well.



Next I headed to the restaurant in North Rustico Beach on the north coast of the center section.  It was PACKED, with a long line out the door.  I didn’t even bother to park the car (not that I would have found a spot anyway) so I headed off to the Anne of Green Gables house to the west and decided I’d try again later.  I did stop at a waterside boardwalk nearby to take a photo of this tourist fishing boat group going out to sea while avoiding a group of kayakers paddling in the harbor.


After the Anne of Green Gales house (see separate post) I drove back east through a portion of nearby Prince Edward Island National Park, a long, thin Park which is mostly a controlled access scenic drive high above but very close to the water, which is the Gulf of Saint Lawrence looking north from anywhere on the island.  From the south coast of the island one looks out over the Northumberland Strait which is the body of water the Confederation Bridge spans.  I read that nowhere on Prince Edward Island are you more than 10 miles from at least one of those two bodies of water.



PEI is famous for it’s red dirt and red sand beaches.



I will be posting more about PEI in the future.


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