Lets try this again…

August 10, 2019

Saturday I had two choices as to directions to travel to see my primary scenic roads.  I could go south to actually travel on the road I bypassed Friday because of my tire issues or go west to take an inland route towards Fredericton, the provincial capital.  There was rain in the forecast, approaching from the west, and after looking at radar and the sky I opted to head south.

I drove south on Route 11, a two lane, limited access highway (which I drove up on the day before) for about 80 miles and got off at the Shediac exit.  I had stopped there to buy timbits on Friday.  I went through town towards the coast where I picked up the Acadian Coastal Drive, a series of small roads which pretty much hugged the coastline – exactly what I like.

Well, the rain struck down there too.  When I arrived in town I stopped at a grocery store to pickup some things to munch on later in the day and to use their wifi to monitor the weather.  The sky to the west looked extremely threatening and the radar showed a fierce but compact storm system moving west to east, just about to hit town.  When I got out to the scenic road itself the rain let loose and I just pulled off the road and let it go by.  It went out over the Northumberland Strait about as quickly as it arrived and the remainder of the morning was quite pleasant.

It was an absolutely gorgeous drive back up north along the coast.  I didn’t take many pictures for two reasons – 1) the sky was still quite gray and that makes water photos gray and boring, and 2) I left my digital camera back at the house I’m staying in up in Miramichi!  This was due to my new policy of bringing the whole camera in out of the car each night to transfer pictures to my laptop.  I had just been bringing the SD card in and putting it back in the camera the next morning but I ruined the old SD card and had to buy a new one so I thought I’d try this new approach to handle the card a little more securely.  I took some wide shots with my phone but really wished I had the digital with me.

Well, this let me enjoy the ride even more because I didn’t have to stop so many times to take pictures.  Believe me, I will travel this road again next year when I come back to this area.  It was amazing.

I did stop to take pictures of two things in Boutouche, NB.  One was an island off to my left in a body of water just south of downtown.  The other was a view looking east towards the Boutouche Bay from a city park where I had pulled off the road.


This was when I discovered I had left the digital camera at home.  That little island is home to Le Pays de la Sagouine, a theatrical village which has shows and crafts celebrating the town’s Acadian heritage.  The town was gearing up for a bug celebration starting in a few days and was considerably more congested than it was on Friday.

Here are some photos I found of the facility online:

Pay de la Sagouine

(Photo credit: sagouine.com)

I was outside the frame of that photo to the right, looking directly at the lighthouse at the eastern tip of the little island.


(Photo credit: destinationfamille.ca)

Le-Pays-de-la-Sagouine worldfortravel

(Photo credit: worldfortravel.com)

Looking the other direction from this vantage point was a city park overlooking the bay and this was the view looking out towards the water:


This is a huge sign which was in the city park as well.  Note that Bontouche is a big Acadian town (blue/white/red color scheme with the yellow star).


And just north of town as I continued my drive was another little lighthouse model in someone’s front yard, painted with the Acadian colors.


Shortly after leaving Bouctouche I saw Dave again (see yesterday’s post about the guy I spoke with on my way north).  Today he was taking the scenic route too, but in the opposite direction as me (again).  Great minds think alike!!  I made an addendum to that post so if you read it already you may want to look at it again.




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