Flags of the eastern Canadian provinces

August 11, 2019

Like states in the US, each Canadian province has it’s own flag which, in my opinion, are more colorful and interesting than their US counterparts.  I’m going to post them in the order which I have, or will be, visiting the province.

I made an earlier post about Nadal (Civic) Day in Nova Scotia and included a picture I had found online, which showed their flag flapping in the breeze.  I decided to show just straight shots of all these flags so you can see all the detail.

All of these photos I found online at en.wikipedia.org

New Brunswick, where I stopped for two nights after entering the country and to which I have now returned:


My Airbnb hostess told me last night that every child who goes to school in New Brunswick is taught to draw this flag!

Nova Scotia:

Flag of Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador:


Prince Edward Island:




And finally, Ontario:


As future trips take me to some of the other provinces (the ones which border the United States, I doubt if I’ll ever get to the Northern provinces)  I will make a similar post showing their flags.

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