Evans Fire – Monday update

No photo.

The good news is it appears the Evans Fire is under control.  It saw no growth overnight and as of 1218pm Pacific Time it is listed at 63 acres and 50% contained.  I saw absolutely no smoke rising from the area when I drove into Reno this morning.

Kudos to the fire crews which quickly got a handle on this event.  I read last night that in addition to ground crews they used one multi-engine tanker (airplane) to drop retardant, several single-engine planes and 4 helicopters.  The same thing happened last year south of Bend OR when I was there, a fire there was started around 4 pm and various agencies immediately employed various resources and quickly got it under control.

Authorities think the Evans Fire was human-caused and are looking for the owner of a Jeep Cherokee which was seen in the area early Sunday morning.

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