This, too, shall pass….

And I’m not talking about kidneystones!

The 3 scenic roads I drove last week near Sonora, California all go over large mountains, part of the Sierra Mountain Range, at their northeast end.  Route 108, the southernmost road, crosses Sonora Pass (elevation 9,624 feet).  Route 88, the northernmost road, crosses Carson Pass (elevation 8,573 feet).  In between those two is Route 4, the subject of this post, which crosses both the Pacific Grade Summit (elevation 8,050 – just up the road from Mosquito Lake) and Ebbett’s Pass (elevation 8,732 feet).

These were taken Sunday, June 24 as I drove one of two scenic roads north of Sonora, CA where I was staying last week. I opted not to go to Yosemite National Park until Monday and, instead, drove northeast about 80 miles on Route 4 (one of my primary scenic roads), then went further north and traveled southwest on Route 88.  These were taken at the northeast end of Route 4, after I went through Ebbett’s Pass:

This was at the Kinney Reservoir.  I tried getting artistic using the tree limb.




This is another angle of the reservoir from further up the road:



I believe this is Highland Peak, looking south from Highway 4:




And yes, that’s still snow on the mountain.


And these are some other things I saw before getting to the little town of Markleeville and heading north to pickup Route 88 and take it back to Jackson and then get on Route 49 south to return to Sonora.



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