Klamathon Fire

Friday was a travel day, as I drove from where I was staying in Quincy, California north to the town of Klamath Falls, just across the state line in Oregon. To get there I took a series of scenic roads which would ultimately take me out to Interstate 5 (pardon me, “The 5”) near Mount Shasta, California. When I exited “The 5,” after only having been on it for 9 miles, I got on Route 97 which would take me northeast to Klamath Falls. As soon as I got away from the dreaded interstate and got to an elevation where I could see off to the left this is what I encountered:


Wildfire smoke. Big time. I knew about the Klamathon Fire and knew it was up this direction but didn’t know to what extent, if any, I would interact with it or exactly where it was. Now I do.

Off to the left of the highway from this vantage point is (or was) the little town of Holbrook, which is where the fire was located. The Klamathon Fire started July 5 and has damaged or destroyed 38,000 acres of land and 82 structures. A 72 year-old man was found dead in his home and his death is linked to the fire (I’m not sure if it was from fire itself or smoke).

Here is a panorama looking left from my vantage point parked along Route 97. There are lots of things (large and small mountains, etc) out there but you can barely see them:





Holbrook is not far from where I took these photos and is about 60 miles southwest of where I am now staying in Klamath Falls.

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