Timberline Lodge

This hotel is located right at the base of Mount Hood.  Literally.  It is a ski resort.

This hotel appeared in the opening sequences of “The Shining,” the original 1980 classic starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, as “The Overlook Inn”.  It is one of three hotels in the United States which have some connection to that film.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was the actual inspiration for the Stephen King novel.  It has the maze which was featured in the movie.  I believe it was also used for some of the exterior shots.  When I get home I plan to buy the original, uncut version of the movie and watch it again, paying careful attention to the exterior shots.  I’ll be in Estes Park in a few weeks so you’ll be seeing more photos of the Stanley Hotel in future posts.

The third hotel, the Ahwahnee, was in Yosemite Park in California (I don’t believe the hotel exists any more), and was the basis for the interior scenes in the movie.  The hotel interior used for the movie was constructed in a studio in England and the majority of the movie was actually shot there.

When I came out of the hotel the view looking south from the front steps would have been spectacular… on a clear day.  As you will see in the next few posts, this was not a clear day.

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