Spruce Lake Fire


SpruceLakeFire Richard Parrish BLM

(Photo credit: Richard Parrish/Bureau of Land Management)

Tuesday night I posted a photo I had taken of this wildfire as I drove around West Rim Drive shortly after I arrived here.  This fire started a week ago and is 6 miles west of the Park.  On Tuesday it was listed as involving only 130 acres.  Well, two days later it has grown to 2,425 acres and is still only 5% contained.  It is heading east and may encroach upon the western parts of the Park before they can get it under control.

Visibility was seriously reduced today by the smoke from this specific fire.  I feel bad for the visitors who will only be here for a short time or who have campsite reservations.  Many of the trails on the west side of the Park are closed and I’m sure that list will grow.