Big Obsidian Flow redux

Before starting on today’s activity I want to revisit a post from a few days ago.  There are several venues within the Newberry Volcanic National Monument, one of which is the caldera, or area inside the rim, of the volcano itself. I posted pictures earlier in the week of the Big Obsidian Flow and explained that it was a huge lava field (approx one square mile).  Well today I saw a picture taken from overhead which clearly shows the size and scope of the Flow.  The photo I saw was on a travel kiosk along a nearby scenic road which highlighted many attractions featured in the area.  I found the picture online and it appears below.


(Photo credit: Robert Jensen)

The light colored area in the foreground is the Big Obsidian Flow (I told you it was big) and the two lakes in the background are Paulina and East.  Everything you see is located within the rim of the volcano (which is REALLY big).