I like big buttes and I can not lie

With apologies to Sir-Mix-a-Lot….

This is Pilot Butte.  It is located in the city of Bend, Oregon.  That’s right… in the city.  Don’t believe me?


(Photo credit:JRCompton.com)

Pilot Butte rises over 500 feet above the city.  I took the top photo at the end of SE 15th Street, which is the street my Airbnb hostess lives on.  The butte is a little over a mile from her house.

The smoke from nearby wildfires cleared out overnight and I was able to get up on the butte before leaving Bend this morning.  This picture was taken from the top of the butte (I had to walk up, as the road doesn’t open until 10 AM.  Haven’t these people ever heard of dawn-to-dusk??).  The road going away from you is Route 20, which runs east to west through Bend (you are looking west). I took Route 20 to Salem, Oregon and then on to Portland right after taking this photo.  My trusty Route 97, which I have been using to get around the state all week, runs north to south and is located about a third of the way up from the bottom of the photo.  Today was the first day since arriving in Oregon a week ago that I did not travel on Route 97 (sorry old friend, you’ve been a great travel companion but I need to see other roads).

Oh, and if you ever need a good laugh check out the video on YouTube (or other places online) of Brian Williams, the then-anchor of NBC Nightly News (before his embellishment scandal) on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  It is actually a video put together by some Tonight Show staff members by painstakingly going through his newcasts and extracting single words used in the song.  When shown together Williams appears to be rapping the song “Baby Got Back” (the big butt song).  It’s a hoot.  There is also a cameo by another NBC personality but I won’t ruin the surprise.  So go to YouTube and enter Brian Williams Back Got Back and you should find it.

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