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Gordon House was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for Conrad Gordon, a farmer in upstate Oregon.  It was one Wright’s Usonian-style homes, which were designed for working class consumers.  It is the only FLW home in the state.

The house is currently in Silverton, Oregon, about an hour south of Portland.   I realize that is an unusual way to refer to a house’s location but that is because it was originally built in Wilsonville, Oregon, about 45 miles away, along the Willamette River.  When the Gordon’s died the house was sold by their heirs and was slated for demolition.  Enter a Foundation which preserves the works of Frank Lloyd Wright which bought the house from the new owners, deconstructed it (into 4 main sections), and moved it to it’s current location.

The woodwork on the windows represent a recurring theme of 15-degree angles, which Wright used throughout the house.


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