Cape Horn overlook


Today I drove from where I had been staying in Portland, Oregon east to the little town of La Grande in the northeast corner of the state.  To do that, I actually spent most of the day in Washington!

The Columbia River separates the two states most of the way from west to east.  The road which runs parallel to the river on the Oregon side is an interstate highway (although I did find a small area on the old highway last week where I took some waterfall photos).  In this case, an interstate highway does not lend itself to good photo opportunities of the river.  The Washington side, however, had the perfect road for my needs.

I spent much of the day on Route 14, traveling west to east from Vancouver, Washington (it was only about 8 miles from my Airbnb in Portland to get over the river to Vancouver) to Interstate 82, which then took me south and back into Oregon.  The portion of Route 14 I was on today was just shy of 200 miles.  I had already done a 57 mile section of it a week and a half ago (from east to west) when traveling down to Bend OR from Wenatchee WA.  That was on a Saturday and the roadside was lined with cars in many places as there were lots and lots of people out on the river engaging in a variety of water sports.

Route 14 changes elevation quite a bit so it provides many opportunities for some dramatic views.  I took 402 pictures today, most of them while on Route 14.  There were very few cars lining the roadside today and VERY few people out on the river (it was a workday after all).

What you see above was the first picture I took today.  It was early in the morning and there was a combination of fog over the water and smoke from wildfires.  As the morning progressed, the lower level fog did burn off, but visibility at a distance remained hazy all day as a result of the fires.

I will be posting more pictures in the coming days after I have had a chance to review them.