Moo Cows in the road



As I was descending from the Canyon Overlook I went around a right-hand turn in the road and came across several cows standing in the road.

The top photo is of the cow which was closest to me.  I’m not sure who was more startled, her or me.  She had been standing diagonally in the opposite lane, which her tail near the yellow line and her head towards the white line, looking right at me.  I stopped the car, turned on my four-way flashers, and reached for my camera.  When the camera was ready I started moving slowly forward at which point the cow, who had frozen in her tracks with a blank deer-in-the-headlights stare, kind of jumped (not feet off the ground jumped, but startled to see new movement jumped) and took a step or two away from me.  When I hit the button to roll my window down she did it again and was then almost completely off the road, where she is standing in the photo.  The brown cow near the mirror was happily eating vegetation, facing away from me, and was completely oblivious to my presence.

The lower photo is of the cow which was furthest away from me as I rounded the curve and she just kind of glared at me as I slowly drove past.

Another close encounter with certain death.