Perry, Oregon

Tuesday when I drove over to La Grande from Portland I got off the highway just before reaching La Grande to look at an historic bridge (see yesterday’s post).  As I retraced my route to get back on the interstate I noticed a truck parked next to the road and three people, all looking up through binoculars at about a 65 degree angle.  I parked my car and got out to see what was going on.


Meet Perry the mountain goat.  That is the name the locals have given him because they always see him on the same hillside just off the Perry exit.

I went back the next morning to take a picture of the mountain so you can see how high up he was and how steep it is.  The first photo is from the interstate, before getting off on the exit ramp.  I stopped the car but took the picture through the windshield because I didn’t want to exit the vehicle in highway traffic.  The light coloration above the sign is a reflection of part of my dashboard over the speedometer.  We were looking at the mountain from the bottom of the exit ramp, looking right-to-left towards the right side of the mountain as seen from here.


The next photo was taken at the vantage point we were watching  from.  There is a dark green tree a little to the right of the center of the picture.  Perry was higher than that, and to the left, just below the group of dark trees near what appears to be the top of the mountain from this position.


And after a little while another white mountain goat appeared about half way up the mountain.  The people I stayed with in La Grande told me that apparently Perry now has a little friend (actually a big friend.  Both of them were fairly substantial).