Devil’s Lake




After driving up the 17 mile access road from Route 95 I reached a 7,518 foot elevation observation area.  From there it was a short drive down to Devil’s Lake and Campground.

I didn’t touch the water but a ranger later told me it is always very cold because it is largely fed by snow melt.  It is located down in a small valley below the tall mountains so it doesn’t get much sun to heat the water.


After walking down to the lake to take pictures I walked back up to the parking area where a group of youngsters had gathered before starting a hike.  I told them to definitely go down and check out the lake first.



I also met and talked with a park employee (who I had seen earlier in the day and would see several more times) and her faithful companion Butler, who was torn between paying attention to the other dog in the picture who had just arrived, or the man in the silly Safety Sam vest.

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